The Lama Temple

The Lama Temple was originally used as the official residence for court eunuchs during the Ming Dynasty. In the 32nd year of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1693), it became the residence of royal residence of Prince Yongzheng, the fourth son of Emperor Kangxi. Yonghe Lama Temple is located in the northeast corner of downtown Beijing (Dongcheng District), on the east side of the Yonghegong Street.

It is the largest lamasery in Beijing. In 1983, it was listed as a National Key Buddhist Monastery in the region of Han nationality by the State Council. The temple mainly consists of three fine memorial archways and five magnificent halls. The temple covering a land area of 66,400 square meters has more than 1,000 palaces built during the reign of Qing Emperor Kangxi, a history of 300 years. After Emperor Yongzheng passed away, Emperor Qianlong ordered to reconstruct the temple into a Lama temple.

  • Hours:9:00 am to4:30 pm (1st April to 31th October)
  •  9:00 am to 4:00 pm (1st November to 30th April)
  • Price:25 RMB admission fee