Beijing Zoo

Located in Xizhimenwai Street, Beijing Zoo is China’s largest zoo. The zoo was originally an imperial manor during the Ming Dynasty and became part of the private estate of General Fukang’an (the third son of a meritorious official who was also a relative of the emperor). It was commonly known as Sanbeizi Garden, the eastern part was called Leshanyuan and the western part was called Keyuan. In the 32nd year of the reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1906), Keyuan and Leshanyuan were merged and became Wanshengyuan after raising some animals inside. The zoo with Beijing Exhibition Center and Moscow Restaurant in the east covers a land area of 86 hectares and a water area of 8.6 hectares. It once used names like Farming Experimental Field, Natural Museum, Wanshangyuan, Xijiao Park. It is the earliest zoo opening to the public and having most kinds of animals. At present, the zoo has more than 450 kinds of land animals totaling 4,500, and 500 species of marine animals totaling 1000. Beijing Zoo sees over six million tourists from home and abroad each year and represents the largest zoo in China and a world-renowned zoo.